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An idea for Improving the tests - Lesson 5.7


hi Rocket team,

I'm finding the test areas quite frustrating in lesson 5.7.  The question is "you give (casual)" and there are 4 possibilities for this: ihr gibt, du gibst, ihr schenkt,  du schenkst. It doesn't seem specific enough and I feel like I'm guessing my way through.

I think this could be simplified by writing (casual for a present) or something similar. That would narrow down the possibilities. I still don't know when I should use ihr or du. Also, how can you give be a plural form when there is only 1 of you?  

Another problem I found with lesson 5.7 is why zu/zum is used instead of für in these examples.

Schenkst du mir etwas zum Geburtstag? 
Are you going to give me something for my birthday?
Was schenken wir Marie zu Weihnachten?  
What are we going to give Marie for Christmas?
I look forward to your reply,

David K

Good idea errant-Italian Knight.  I remember the same frustration.

You remind me of another suggestions which is to enable dictionary look-ups and additions from the tests and flashcards.

Wie geht's?

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