Issue with "Write it" review


I'm currently working through Level 1 Module 2. Of recent (last several days) - the "Write it" testing isn't keeping up. There will be a phrase to which you must write the answer - but when you hit the reveal, it's will show the answer from the previous or even from two or three before. It's hit or miss as to whether it shows the correct answer. It only just began to happen.

I'm using Google Chrome on a Macbook Air laptop. Any assistance that you can offer would be great. As I'd like to actually see the correct answer; especially as I begin learning new information.



I sent to this problem to support three or four days ago regarding modules in Level 2. I have just had an email saying that the problem has been fixed.  I will be doing a lesson after this so I will find our if this really is the case! 

Postscript. Yes, it seems to be functioning normally again for me.

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