Module One Test


I've taken this test three times now.  I've not missed one in any section but for some reason the quiz section is giving me 20% with an 80% total.  What am I doing wrong?  How can I fix this?

David K

I am having a similar problem with Modules 3 and 4.  The scoring program will allocate no points for the quiz section (section 4) of the module test, therefore even if one  gets all the questions and quiz questions correct, your maximum score will be 80%.  And despite the fact 80% should be a passing score you will fail the whole module. 
My Module 1 adn 2 worksed find so therefore my theory is that a programmer was recently "improving " the scoring module and took the plus sign out of the equation that adds the score for the four test subsections so it is no longer includeded/
I"ve taken the module 3 test times with the same dissappointing results. Module 4 id ld btokrn.  I.m about to take the  Moduule 5 test and will let you know.  I sent a note into  to the Customer Support, maybe you can too so we can get their additioin. 


Hi beejo and david,

Thank you for your comments.  Our sincere apologies for the trouble you have had with your Module Tests.  The IT team are aware of the issue with the Quiz results, and are working on correcting the problem today.  In the meantime, it would be great if you could please contact the Customer Support team with the Module tests that need correcting, as well as the result you should have received.  They can be reached at support a rocket languages dot com.  Thank you!

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