Hallo .

Have a question as follows- 
It is 'der Stern' for the star  and for plural 'die Sterne' for the stars . 
However in the sentence - Siehst du die kleinen Sterne? Wie schön! ... why is it 'kleinen' and not 'kleine' ?

Danke schön.


This is about adjective endings which are bit tricky as there are three different sets of endings.
1. Weak endings which follow the definite articles der,die,das
2. Mixed endings which follow the indefinite articles  ein and kein
3. Strong endings where there is no article.

Here we need the weak endings because the definite article is present.

The weak ending for masculine accusative plural is "en" in fact all the weak endings are "en" in the plural.

There is some teaching on adjective endings in level 2, I am not sure about level 1.
There is a chart of adjective endings here:


Hallo VidyaMS und sfpugh,

Thank you very much for your explanation, sfpugh!
Just to add to what sfpugh has said, adjective endings depend on the nature of the article, the case, and the gender of the noun they are describing. Don't worry, it's not as complicated as it sounds - there are pattern and many endings repeat themselves which makes it easier to memorise. 

In your example above "Siehst du die kleinen Sterne?" we have the definite article "die" and the noun "Sterne" is masculine accusative plural which makes the adjective ending  "–en" in this case.

You can also have a look at lesson '5.8 Adjectives in the Nominative and Accusative' which has some good explanations and charts to look at.
There is also a lesson on this in level 2 '10.8 Adjective Endings'



Vielen Dank an euch beide.

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