Besichtigen vs. Besuchen



Can someone describe the differences in usage between besichtigen and besuchen? I just want to make sure I use them correctly. 



Hi Jordan,

"besichtigen" means to view.  It is often used to describe seeing a place, building or art as a tourist. "Ich besuche Paris um den Eiffelturm zu besichtigten." "I am visiting Paris to see the Eiffel Tower.

We also use "besichtigen to describe a viewing to analyse and get insights "Heute besichtige ich die Baustelle und gebe Anweisungen an die Bauarbeiter" Today I am viewing the construction site and give instructions to the  builders."

"Besuchen" means "visiting". I have listed a couple examples below:
"Ich besuche Oma heute." "I am visiting Grandma today."
"Der Bürgermeister besuchte das Museum, die Philharmonie und die Ärztekammer der Stadt. "
"The mayor visited the museum, the Philharmonia and the Doctors' Chamber of the city."

Hope that helps!



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