I am Tired. I am hungry



OK.  So I learned that mir ist mude means "I am tired".  However, ich bin hungrig means "I am hungry".  Both phrases seem to be present tense of being or seid.   If this has to do with dative or accusative my eyes will gloss over and I will break out in hives and be sick for a week.  Grammar and I have an understanding -- I leave it alone because I will never understand it.  


Oh, the horror - grammar!
I asked a German speaker about this.
Apparently no one says mir is müde,  it would be understood but sounds weird.  They say  Ich bin müde.
On the other hand, they do say  mir is kalt/warm.
Ich bin hungrig  or  Ich habe hunger  is OK.

I don't know if there is a rule that determines whether to use Ich bin  or Mir ist. May be a tutor can help, but the tutors don't appear very often.

I guess this is a case for learning the stock phrases without worrying about the grammar.

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