Forum Rocket German German Grammar Klar, ich hätte da noch ein paar. Aber dazu später.

Klar, ich hätte da noch ein paar. Aber dazu später.



From 17.5
Klar, ich hätte da noch ein paar. Aber dazu später.
Sure, I'll have a couple. But more on that later.

Why is the konjuntiv 2 hätte used here?

Also I don't understand the translation
doesn't ein paar mean a few and why is it translated as future "I 'll"

Couldn't it be translated as "I have a few more" or "I might have a few more"?


Hallo sfpugh, 

Thanks for your comment. 

You are right, the translation here could be a little bit closer to the German phrase. 
I will review this and change it in the lesson accordingly. 

"Ich hätte da noch ..." is an expression in Konjunktiv II that is used very often in spoken German. 
Imagine you go into a butchery. You ask, "Ich hätte gerne zwei Würste." (here in Konjunktiv because it's more polite). The butcher could answer "Leider habe ich keine Würste mehr. Ich hätte aber noch zwei Schnitzel."

I hope that makes it a bit clearer for you. 

Liebe Grüße, 
Leah von Rocket German



Thank you, I see you changed the translation already.
I actually found the meaning of the sentence confusing as it has no context. I think it is probably meant to relate to "things that are typically German" which is not quite the same as asking for something in a shop. However it is good to know that you can ask for something in a shop like that too.


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