2.7 viel vs viele use?



In 2.7 it says to use "viel" with things you can't count, and "viele" with things you can count.  Then it recommends to memorize "Wie viel kostet das?"  But, I can count money, so doesn't that contradict what the lesson says?


Another way of looking at it is from the English: viel is used for much or a lot of and viele is used for many.

So in your example how much does that cost - use viel
How many bananas - use viele
There are several videos about his including: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuuVkOuJWkQ


Hi PaulineE und sfpugh, 

I agree with sfpugh, use viel für "much" and viele for "many"

In regards to your question above, "Wie viel Geld kostet das?" - "How much money does that cost?" - Geld - "money" is an uncountable noun in this context meaning it doesn't take a plural.  
This mean you can't actually count money, but instead you can count "Geldscheine" meaning "notes" and "Münzen" which means "coins".

I hope this helps!


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