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Adding Words to My Vocabulary


I can't add any more words to my vocabulary. Is it not working or is there a limit? I have 305 words. I can go through the motions of adding the word but after I click Save, the word added is not highlighted in the text and the word is not in the vocabulary. thanks, Byron


Hi Byron, For a quick response to technical problems address your question in the section 'General' under 'Feedback and comments' which I just noticed you have also done. Every language moderator is responsible for answering language related questions in their section. I am checking on the 'German' forum on a relatively regular basis. Also language related questions take longer to be noticed in the general section and will often have to be forwarded by the support team. As the problem is fixed I will not forward your post to the support team. Hope you enjoying the course! Cheers Paul


NP. That problem was fixed a long time ago, but thanks for following up. Your point is taken. I shouldn't have posted it in the forum although after a new release people frequently comment there. regards, Byron

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