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How do you pronounce arbeit, meaning job. Can you give me the English phonetic spelling of the German word?


Hi Julie, I'm not a native speaker, but what it basically sounds like is "are bite" with the accent on the first sylable.


Hi Julie, I had a look through the Rocket lessons using the search option and found several lessons including the audio of the word 'arbeit'. If you don't have access to the Rocket platinum (businesses vocabulary) or Rocket Premium (24.2 Current Events) you could go to Rocket premium, lessson 10.7 Where? When? Who? What? in section language&culture. There the first sentence under 'your turn' includes the word 'arbeit'. Also the 'hear it' test in lesson '7.9 Helpful Action Words' section language&culture includes audio to the sentences but you will have to go through the test. You can also find words with their phonetic spelling and their audio pronunciation neither German or Austrian on the Wiktionary website. Have a nice weekend! Paul

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