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Hi there!

I was looking at these words: 

  1. Im moment
  2. Derzeit
  3. Zurzeit

Based on checking different dictionaries and forums, I have reached the conclusion, that the words are largely interchangeable. However, “Im moment” is most common, then “Derzeit” and then “Zurzeit”.



Guten Tag RexV,


Thank you for your question! 

All three are very similar in meaning and are used when talking about the present. The only real difference between these terms is that “derzeit” and “zurzeit” are usually used to refer to a longer period of time compared to “im Moment” which is more informal and is often used when talking about what is happening at this particular moment/right now, for example:

"Ich studiere zurzeit/derzeit Biologie an der Universität Berlin." - “I am currently studying biology at the university of Berlin.”

“Tut mir Leid, ich habe gerade keine Zeit. Ich lerne im Moment für einen Test.” - “I am sorry, I don't have time right now. I am studying for a test at the moment.”

In saying that, you would hear “im Moment” more often in everyday speech compared to the other two terms. Please note that “derzeit” can also be used to refer to the past which is not very common anymore but you may still come across it, for example:

“Sie hatte derzeit die besten Noten in ihrer Klasse.” - “Back then, she had the best grades in her class.”


I hope this helps.


Viele Grüße,




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