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Bedeutung das worte "vorbei"

konnen Sie mir helfen bitte die folgende deutsche Phrase zu verstehen ich komm immer wieder gern mal, vorbei was ist meaning of vorbei in this context in english. Danke Schon bis dann Donald

Hi Donald, "Vorbei" on it's own can mean "past", as in : "Ich fahre vorbei" - "I'm driving past" or "over", as in: "Es ist vorbei" - "It is over" Here in your example it actually belongs to the word "kommen" - (vorbeikommen) and it means "to pass by" or "to call in". "Ich komme immer wieder gern mal vorbei" means "I always like passing by again". It is quite common in German that verbs are seperated and the "prefix" - (the part that is in front of the basic verb, like "un-" in "unhappy") gets pushed to the end of the sentence. :D

danke schon fur deine Antwort alles Gute!!!

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