Hello, in my understanding, "besonders" means: in particular. So, why I can find sometimes in the menu at the restaurant? Does this also mean something like "dish of the day" or "speciality"?


Hi Michele, When related to food "Besonders" means "special". Depending on the context it could mean the dish is not on their usual menu list so maybe just ones in a week or the dish has a special ingredient that makes the dish unique and only available in their restaurant but the word doesn't stand for a dish itself. Hope that helps! Gruß Paul


in einkaufscentrum many stores display the word Besonders, so it not only applies to eating but food clothes etc, most restaurants have a board outside with the special of the day for mittagessen or arbendessen Dennis


Thank you Dennis. Michele was asking about the meaning "besonders" on the menu in a restaurant. The correct way to write shopping center is "Einkaufszentrum" und for dinner it is "Abendessen". Gruß Paul

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