Da ist schon Butter drauf


I have just seen this sentence which means “There is already butter on it”.
Is it common to use “drauf”? I would most likely have used “auf es” instead.


First off, auf takes the dative as there is no motion in this sentence, so it should be ihm.
Drauf means on it - specifically an inanimate object.
If you said auf ihm then you could be saying "there is already butter on him".

Perhaps Liss could confirm if I am right.


Hallo RexV und sfpugh!

You are right, sfpugh: drauf is only used with non-living things. If you were to use auf ihm (which should indeed be dative in this sentence), then you could only be referring to a living being. 

I would also note that drauf is just a shorter, more colloquial form of darauf.

I hope that this was helpful!



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