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Hallo Nathalie! Wie geht's? Mir geht's sehr gut. I'm stuck in the introduction because I can't make sense of some of the words, not just in German but also in English! 1.) Nick was in Karlshüre? (Is this how you spell the name of the city?) 2.) Paul says der Arketenartige ??? (spelling and meaning??) interaktive audio Deutsch Kurs. 3.) Nick says a particularly bad audition for a Rolling?? Rowan?? cabaret. 4.) Paul says, "Nay, nay." (Is this the correct spelling?) 5.) Nick says, regarding the meaning of nay, nay; This is a useful one when you're down in the ????? and then goes on to say, Apparently ????? discovered his vocation while studying Rocket German Intro. so it's a very powerful tool... and finally, so he fubs ???? off my question. 6.) In Moment and wunderbar ( Are these the correct spellings?) Danke und auf Wiedersehen, Loreda

Hi Loreda, mir geht es auch gut, danke! 1) Nik spend some time in Karlsruhe 2) Paul just translates Rocket German Interactive Audio Course into German as a joke, it doesn't make much sense and sounds a bit silly. What he says is :Raketenartiger Interaktiver Deutschkurs 3) Nik says: I promise you’ll be speaking German, even if it sounds like something from a particularly bad audition for a role in Cabaret 4) Nee, nee. This is a useful one when you’re down on the ranch. Apparently the horse whisperer discovered his vocation while studying the Rocket German Intro, so it’s a powerful tool in the right hands. In context, it’s pretty easy to work out. Nee nee is used conversationally, just like you’d say No, no. in English. I ask Paul how he’s going & rather than answer my question, he wants to know how I am. That’s why he fobs off my question with “nee’ nee” 5) Im Moment und wunderbar Bis bald! :D


Liebe Nathalie, Ha! Ha! That's very funny! Nee (pronounced neigh) and horses! That's what I like about Rocket German; it's so much easier to learn German while laughing! Thanks for your speedy reply! Bis bald, Loreda

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