Die Frau, die Ehefrau



Die Ehefrau vs die Frau

Der Ehemann vs der Mann

Is one more commonly used, is it regional or one more formal than the other?

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Hallo Sebongela,


When you look at the words seperately “die Ehefrau” means “the wife” while “die Frau” is “the woman”. Same goes for “der Ehemann” meaning “the husband” and “der Mann” meaning “the man”. However, someone talking about their spouse will usually say “mein Mann” “my husband” or “meine Frau” “my wife” instead of using Ehefrau or Ehemann which are more formal terms. Adding possessive adjectives such as “my” or “your" changes the meaning, for example:


Meine Frau heißt Sophie." - “My wife is called Sophie.”

Ihr Mann arbeitet bei VW." - “Her husband works at VW."

“Wie geht es deiner Frau?” - “How is your wife?”


Die Frau heißt Sophie." - “The woman is called Sophie.”

Der Mann arbeitet bei VW." - “The man works at VW."

“Wie geht es der Frau?” - “How is the woman?”


Ehemann” and “Ehefrau” are usually used in more formal settings or writing, such as visiting local authorities, official documents, articles, etc. 


Hope this helps!


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