Forum Rocket German German Vocab Dieser Hut steht dir wirklich gut

Dieser Hut steht dir wirklich gut



I have just seen this sentence which means “This hat suits you really well”.
Is this a normal expression to use when you describe if something looks good on a person? I assume a more common expression is “Dieser Hut passt dir sehr gut”.


Hallo RexV, 

There is a slight difference between these two expressions. 

"Dieser Hut steht dir wirklich sehr gut" means more like "This hat really looks very good on you" - as in it suits your style/your looks.
Whereas, "Dieser Hut passt dir sehr gut" means "This hat suits you very well" - as in the size fits perfectly.

I hope this helps. 

Beste Grüße, 
Leah von Rocket German


Super, thanks!

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