Er hat kinderlei Freunde



I have just seen this sentence. When would you use “kinderlei” instead of “Keine”? I have never seen “kinderlei” use in any other situations before.


It's keinerlei.
It means no ... whatsoever/ at all
Ich habe keine Probleme - I have no problems
Ich habe keinerlei Probleme - I have no problems at all.

So it adds emphasis.


Hallo RexV und sfpugh!

Thanks for your excellent explanation, sfpugh! You are exactly right!

RexV, if you came across "kinderlei" in a Rocket Languages lesson, could you let me know which one? I can't seem to find it here myself, but if it is somewhere in our resources, I'd like to find it and correct it - sfpugh is right in that it should be keinerlei.

Danke schön!


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