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Forum Rocket German German Vocab Es ist mir egal wann wir losfahren

Es ist mir egal wann wir losfahren


I have seen this sentence which means “Its all the same to me at what time we are leaving”.

Can you use “gleiche” instead of “egal”? If not, in which situations can you use each of them?


Hallo RexV,

Es ist mir egal is a set phrase meaning "It is all the same to me" or, more naturally in English, "I don't care." You could very well also say Es ist mir gleich (note: without the -e) for "It is all the same to me," but Es ist mir egal is still a little more standard.

Egal is "equal" in the sense of "makes no difference," while gleich means "equal" or "the same."

I hope that this clears everything up!

Bis zum nächsten Mal,


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