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Would like some help in understanding the Umlauts. Before the NEW site was setup,it seemed to me that there was a place you could go to and check on the Vocabulary and hopefully it would be a way to learn by hearing Paul & Nik using the different Umlauts in words and phrases along with some sentences like in the lessons. I am a slow learner so am only on Lesson 1.2 But this lesson has some Umlaut pronunciations in it such as möchest & möchte. Would like to know if there is any dialogue with Paul & Nik in the Rocket German course.And where can I find it :?: Thank you for any help.

Hi there, yes, you can still view the transcripts of the conversation from each audio lesson. Right underneath the link to the audio lesson you will see two links. One is called "Conversation in German", the other one is "Conversation in English". These two are the links to either the German transcript or the translation. I hope that helps. Nathalie


Hello, I understand the open & close of the conversation lines for the lessons.But I really thought that there was a separate section for Grammar as well as Vocabulary listed on the left side of the screen.These were below all the lesson numbers and what they were going to be on. Now what I would like to know is,does the Program go over anything on Umlauts at all and how to pronounce them in the right context when needed.This what I thought was to be found as a separate lesson in itself.

Hi Eric, yes you can find the Grammar and Culture lessons underneath the links to the Interactive Audio Course and above the links to the Bonus Audio Lessons. The very first lesson is about pronunciation and how to pronounce the alphabet including umlauts correctly. Let me know if anything is unclear. Thanks! :P


Hello, Thank you for the help. Didn't go far enough on my scroll down to notice the right line to click on. This will obviously help me in the long run. If I might ask another question. I found an Free Online Translator called Zeta IM Translator which has Text-Speech and the Speed of the Translation can be set for Slow to Fast for better hearing.However,have trouble some time with the dialect that it pronounces. I know that there are different dialects in German but not sure which one it's using.Has very good voice sound like a real human voice vs. a Robotic Synthisized voice which I have heard and don't like at all. It seems that sometimes it is word for word from Rocket German then some other times it isn't. Do you folks know of a Text to Speech program(hopefully free online)that would be better to use. I like to use it to do some of my own wording to ask for things as well practice Rocket German. Would appreciate your input on this.Thank you.

Hi there, I haven't heard of Zeta IM Translator and unfortunately I don't know of any good text to speech programs. I would recommend doing a Google search. Perhaps other forum users know a good program? Thanks

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