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Forum Rocket German German Vocab Ich habe einen schlampenschlepper.

Ich habe einen schlampenschlepper.



Der schlampenschlepper is my favorite German word and I use it every day. By now all of my friends, not just the foreign exchange student from Germany, know this and refer to my car as such. I think you (Paul Weber or anyone who is making these lessons) should incorporate this word into your lessons :twisted: because it would be an incredibly useful word to break out when on the Autobahn, or in an unsavory section of a German city. I also wonder if you (Paul Weber etc.) have ever heard of this term. The German foreign exchange student has, but she is 17. I would greatly appreciate a comment because I like forums and especially when people comment on my posts. Auf wiedersehen


so.... was ist einen Schlampenschlepper?

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