Ich suche nach einem Bus


I have just seen this sentence which means “I am looking for a bus”.
If I had written this sentence, I would have used “für” instead.
When should you use “nach” instead of “für” in this situation? As I understand “nach” means”at, to, after”.


I asked a native German speaker about this.

You can say ich suche ein Bus or ich suche nach einem Bus, but you would never say ich suche für ein Bus.

Interestingly my German friend often makes the mistake of saying "after" when she should use  another english word e.g. "something smells after..." instead of "something smells of ...". Then I know that it would probably be nach in German.



Thanks for reply!

Is it correct that it is "Ich suche ein Bus" and not "Ich suche einen Bus" instead?


My bad, Bus is masculine so it should be einen, for some reason I thought Bus was neuter.

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