Forum Rocket German German Vocab In der Stadt wird ein neuer Polizist gesucht - du solltest dich bewerben

In der Stadt wird ein neuer Polizist gesucht - du solltest dich bewerben


I have just seen this sentence, which means “A new policeman is wanted in the city – you should apply”.

If I had written this sentence, I would most likely have written it with “ist” instead of “wird”.

Am I correct? If not, why should you use “wird” instead?


I think this is a passive construction and Germans use the verb werden followed by a past participle to form the passive.
So you have wird...gesucht.
Ist would be wrong.


Hi again!
Thanks for answer!

1. If I had said this sentence with "ist" would a German person have misunderstood me?

2. Do you have a link to some more information about the topic you are referring to?


Here is a pretty complete description of the passive:
Part 1
Part 2

There is another form of passive that uses sein and describes something that has already taken place, i.e the process is already complete. - "The egg is cooked" rather that "the egg is being cooked".
There is also a video about this graded B1.

This one was new to me so I am pleased that your question prompted me to look further into the passive.

Would a German understand you if you put ist into your initial sentence? I don't know but probably, although they might be a bit confused at first.


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