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Junge Frauen wie sie sind selten



I was playing with Duolingo yesterday and I saw this sentence “Junge Frauen wie sie sind selten” which means “Young women like them are rare”. Is it correct that “wie” also means “like”? I only thought the meaning was how and what.


Hallo RexV!

This is correct. When used as a question word, wie means "how," but it can also be used in comparisons to mean "like" or "as." (An example of "as" would be Er ist so groß wie du "He is as tall as you.")

If you're unsure about the meaning of words that you come across in your practice or reading and you can't find these words defined here on Rocket Languages, a good resource you might find very helpful is this German-English dictionary: A dictionary like this one can show you the multiple different ways that you can translate individual German words, and if you scroll down the page, you can see examples in context as well. This could be a good additional resource for anyone in search of a reliable online dictionary.

I hope that this explanation was helpful!

Bis später!


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