"Just Looking"


Is there a polite expression to tell a helpful store clerk that you are just browsing and don't want help? We've learned all sorts of ways a store clerk may ask if they can help us, and numerous ways to communicate that we need or want something. But, suppose I don't want help, I'm just browsing thru Karstadt to work on my vocabulary or see what the prices are like compared to the US. Here in the US I just say "I'm just looking" and they know I'll ask if I decide I do need help, but until then not to keep offering.


Hi there, you could say the following: "Ich schaue mich nur um, vielen Dank" - I'm just having a look, thanks. I hope that helps. Paul


I was happy to find this phrase since it is something I've needed as well. Could someone provide a literal translation? I learn better when I can see that. Thanks. DPilon


Ich=I, schauen=to look, mich=me/I (accusative), nur=only, um=around, vielen=much, Dank(en)= to thank. I'm only having a look around, thanks (very) much. literally: I look me only around, much thanks. :)

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