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Kuchen vs torte



Was watching a video on youtube about Pflaumenkuchen. Was interested to see that it was more a pie type than a cake. In Play the Part they talk about erdbeerkuchen does Kuchen refer more to pie/tart type desserts and torte to cakes like a sponge cake or a cake with icing.





Hallo Sebongela,

Great question! Kuchen is a cake that is usually baked in the oven and mostly consists of one layer. It can, but not necessarily, have different toppings or fillings (e.g. fruit) or a glaze on top. In that regard it is similar to what you probably know as a pie, keeping in mind that pies often include some sort of pastry and can be sweet or savory. Kuchen can be made with pastry but also with a usual cake batter.

Torte on the other hand is a fancy cake with multiple layers of cake and fillings made with cream and/or fruit. You can whip up a Kuchen fairly quickly and easily whereas a Torte requires baking some parts of it in the oven and then assembling everything afterwards/once cooled down. 

Kuchen are often served with whipped cream on the side while Torten usually contain cream as part of their filling.


Hope this helps!


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