kümmern sich




Is there a section where you put focus on / explain the word "kümmern sich"?

I have seen it quite often and see that it can be used to express the following:
1. To take care of someone / something
2. To look after someone / something
3. To care for someone / something

If not, is there any specific guidelines on how the word should be used?


Hallo RexV,

Unfortunately there is currently no section which focuses on the word sich kümmern.

Your translations are all correct. Like most German words, the meaning depends on the context of the sentence.

Most commonly it is referred to as caring for someone in need, for example: 
Ich kümmere mich um meine Großeltern, weil sie Hilfe brauchen. - “I look after my grandparents because they need help.”

However, it can also be used it when dealing with / taking care of something, such as:
Kannst du das für mich machen? Ja, ich werde mich darum kümmern. - “Can you do that for me? Yes, I will take care of it.” 

Viele Grüße,

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