Lieber vs Eher




I have just seen this sentence with the following translation:

"Er würde eher zu Hause bleiben, als nach Hamburg zu fahren"
"He would rather stay at home than go to Hamburg"

Can I replace the word "eher" with "lieber"? if not, in which situations should each of them be used?


Hi RexV,

Lieber expresses a preference whereas eher indicates if something is more likely. 

A couple of examples would be:

Er würde lieber den Bus nehmen, als mit dem Zug zu reisen. - “He would rather take the bus than travel by train.” Or in short version, “he prefers the bus over the train.”

Ich würde eher hungern, als das zu essen. - “I would rather starve than eating that.” Or in other words, “I am more likely to let myself starve than to eat that.”

You can also have a look at lesson 6.7 “Adverbs: Well, Better and Best” which explains the usage of lieber. ( 

Viele Grüße

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