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Hallo, in lesson 6.2, it sounds like in the last line that Paul is saying 'das ist meine kleine Neffin', but the conversation in German says 'Nichte'. I know that Neffe is nephew, but I can not find 'Neffin'. Which one is correct? Jede Information wäre toll! Tausend Dank und schönen Tag noch Louise


Hallo Louise, thanks for your questions. You might have to download the latest version of this audio lesson as we have made some changes to it. You are right, the word for "nephew" is "der Neffe". The most common word for "niece" is "die Nichte". In some regions you will also hear the expression "Neffin" however this term is rarely used and "Nichte" is a lot more common. After receiving feedback about it we decided to change it to reflect the most common version of niece. I hope that makes sense. Danke und alles Gute Paul


Danke Paul! I am actually using/listening to the version that is in the Learning Lounge. So the actual audio says Neffin, but the words under the Conversation in English say Nichte. But as long as both are correct, it is OK! I was just checking that I was hearing correctly!! Schoenen Abend noch


Hallo Louise, the audio in the Learning Lounge has been updated, so next time you listen to it the written transcript and the audio will match. Viel Spass! Paul


Danke Paul! Viel Spaß und schönen Tag noch


Hi Paul, 1) Neffin 2) Endearing terms like Neffin 3) langhaarige (I think should be capitalized in all three words in the lesson). What happened? Neffin is back for Lisa! I opened a ticket with support for both Neffin and for the capitalization issue. But since it was already reported, how is it possible that in 2009 it was corrected if now in 2015 it is back? Was there a terrible server crash or something and you guys needed to rebuild? I'm interested however, in finding Neffin used anywhere. Do you know where we can find a list of "endearing" or cute terms like this? Thanks, Jason


I don't know about a complete list, but if you google you'll find a number of links that describe terms of endearment for lovers and children. Based on what I read, one has to be careful in using them because they can have double meanings. "Liebchen" for example is OK when an elderly person refers to a grandchild. In modern usage it is not something you should use to refer to a girl friend unless she is an ex girl friend. As in English, certain words commonly used in the past now have different meanings and are used ironically or sarcasticly especially in the "pop" culture.


I did get an answer from support on this phrase. They say:

"Neffin" is the old world used for "Nichte" that is why Jason couldn't find it and it's correct. It is still used in spoken German in most parts of Germany.

They are right. I found it.

It is listed as "out-dated" in the German section of wiktionary:

veraltet: Neffe, Neffin

What I notice now is that Paul says it was corrected, but it seems that the correction was not complete.

The audio exists in the Play-It test, but it was never put into the lesson as a phrase with the new recording and it remains in the original audio lesson also. If they can correct the phrase audio by using the Play-It test audio where Paul says, "Das ist meine kleine Nichte Lisa." That will be perfect.



Hi Jason,

Thanks for your request. I informed the audio engineer. Originally the last part in the conversation for Lesson 6.2 says "Neffin" which is a less common word for niece. It's not exactly standard German so we've left the standard "Nichte" in the transcript to cover both bases as they can be used interchangeably. As this has caused convusion we have decided now to replace "Neffin" in all sections of the lesson.





Hi Paul,

Thank you so much. That is the best solution for the most people. For the others that want to study the old forms of the words, hopefully this discussion will be enough of a hint to help them find the words since it includes all the necessary links.


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