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Meaninig of "sich"



Hi, I'm Gabriel from Montevideo, URUGUAY in South America. I'm a native Spanish speaker, trying to learn German through English. I don't understand the meaning of the word "sich". When I used an online dictionary, it come with others words, like "sich vorstellen", but never as a standalone one. Sorry for my little English and non-existing (yet) German. Regards to Nik, I love her voice.

Hi Gabriel, thank you for your question, I'm sure you are not the only one who wonders what "sich" means. "Sich" means himself, herself, itself, themselves or oneself. The "sich" belongs to the verb, for example "sich vorstellen" (to introduce oneself). Verbs that use "sich" are called reflexive verbs. "Sich" is called a reflexive pronoun and goes with the basic form of the verb- the infinitive. If this sounds scary...don't worry. It simply means that the action kind of reflects back on the subject who is doing the action. Reflexive verbs are much more common in German than they are in English. By the way your English is great! P.S: I'm sure Nik is happy to hear that :D

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