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I give up - I've been trying to figure out what he says when I click the wrong answer. My ear hears "fush", but I can't find anything like that in my dictionary. What is he saying?!?!? Thanks

Hi there, what Paul says is "falsch" which means "incorrect" or "wrong". The German "a" is often pronounced like the "u" in the English word "cut". That's why it can be confusing trying to find a word in the dictionary, as you might be looking under "u". I hope it makes more sense now that you know what Paul is saying. Happy learning!



No worries and have a good day!


Hope i haven't hijacked this topic but I have decided that to run alongside my Rocket german course I am investing in the Oxford-Duden German Dictionary, I hope that this will be a great ready reference but do you have any tips on how ensure that when reading words from the dictionary I get the pronunciation correct. Ken

Hi Ken, I guess all dictionaries have their limitations, so in order to get tips on how to pronounce the words, I recommend that you have a look at You can practice the pronunciation of all the consonants and vowels in the German alphabet and you will see that it will be easier to get the pronunciation right when looking up words in the dictionary. :D


Get a talking dictionary. What you have is extremely out dated.



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