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In Cash or card there are several words for Receipt

Der Beleg, DIe quitting, der Kassenbon and der Kassenzettel. Are these used in different regions of Germany or just in different situations





Hallo Sevongela,


Good question!


Beleg” is quite a broad term. You can think of it as a “piece of evidence”, e.g. that you've paid for your groceries at the supermarket checkout. “Quittung” is a written document that a service has been received, often in the form of a payment. For example, a “Quittung” is a “Beleg” but not necessarily visa versa. Both terms can be use in retail setting but “Beleg” can also be used for things like a supporting document or proof in general, e.g. 

“Das glaube ich nicht, hast du einen Beleg dafür?” - “I don't believe that, do you have proof of that/can you proof it?”


Quittung” on the other hand can also be used if you need a written confirmation that you've paid for something. For example if you pay for a service in advance, e.g. for something to be repaired, you can asked for a “Quittung” to proof that you've paid. Or if you pay for something in cash, you can ask for a “Quittung" as proof of payment as opposed to paying by bank tranfer and having your bank statement as proof.


Kassenzettel” is more formal than “Kassenbon” but they are pretty interchangable. They are receips that get printed at the cash register so these terms are generally used at the supermarket, for example. 


So yes, these terms can be used in different situations but they can also be used in the same situation such as at the supermarket when paying for your groceries. In this situation, it is up to you what you like to use. 


Hope this makes sense!


Viele Grüße





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