Forum Rocket German German Vocab So, what does “sehenswürdigkeiten” really mean?

So, what does “sehenswürdigkeiten” really mean?



In lesson 2.1, the word “Sehenswürdigkeiten” was introduced.  Nik took great pains to break down the word and explained the various parts.  The definition was “attractions”; sights worthy of being seen.  When the word reappears in lesson 4.3, it is defined as “sightseeing”.  My German dictionary agrees with the first definition, as does Google Translate.  Is this second definition an error?  Wouldn’t it be “besichtigung” instead?


Hi DeanC7,

I agree, a more accurate translation for Sehenswürdigkeiten would be  "attractions" or "sights". Thank you for pointing this out. We have changed the translation in lesson 4.3.


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