Forum Rocket German German Vocab Soll ich auch deinen Briefkasten entleeren?

Soll ich auch deinen Briefkasten entleeren?



This means: "Shall I also empty your letterbox?"

The phrase is in your Claudia section: should the verb to empty not be simply "leeren". The recording also doesn't sound like the "ent" part is being said




Hi Douglas,

I don't know about your recording, but entleeren is a verb for empty as well.  I'm not at all sure when one should use 'leeren' versus 'entleeren' .  I think there is a sublte difference and perhaps Paul can help us.
Honest Tom S

Honest Tom S

My sugestion would be to Check out and join this free web site.
on this site you can copy and paste any word and it has five different voices to tell you how to say a word and how it is used. Almost all languages are on this site.. you can also use your mike from your computer to hear your own voice. free. In this case of Entleeren Vs Leeren when use as verbs mean pretty much the same and, it appears that either one would be correct according to the information I got from this site.  I always have this site open when studying German.

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