spoken German


hi, i would like to tell you that over a period of 2 years learning German, i have learnt to write sound gramatically correct German but i make a lot of mistakes when i speak the same esp.with the articles and the cases. :lol: Kindly advise as to how i could improve my spoken German? Are there any special materials to improve spoken German? Abhishek, India


Obviously, the best way is to find someone German to practice with. This isn't always easy but the internet helps! There are sites on the internet where you can find someone to practice language with (I'm not sure advertising specific ones is allowed here - but a google search for "German pen pals" or "German learning partner" should get some). I found some to speak with over skype (he is learning my language) and it helps me a lot. We have to find subjects to discuss in advance or we both run out of what to say. Good luck :D

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