the word 'bist'?


I think I hear Paul say 'Bist du bereit'? somewhere in one of the lessons. But even if I heard wrong, I can't seem to find the meaning of the word 'bist' in any German-English dictionary. I assume 'bist' in this question means 'are' as in 'are you ready'. Why is 'bist' translated but not defined in the dictionary? Thanks Mike

Hi there, the reason you won't find "bist" in a dictionary is that "bist" is not the basic form of the word and dicitonaries usually only have the basic form as a headword. "bist" comes from (like you figured out already) the word "sein", which means "to be". Here is the full conjugation: ich bin du bist er ist sie ist es ist wir sind ihr seid sie sind I know it's a bit confusing that all the other forms start with "s" and only one starts with"b", but then again English is the same: I am you are he is she is it is we are you are they are :D


Thanks so much for your explanation. Mike

You are more than welcome :D

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