to catch up


Hello! I'm playing a game on-line with a German player and I was losing 500-300. Now I've caught up and the score is 500-500. How do I say the following: I've caught up with you! I was losing but now I'm catching up! Please do not answer this if you are not one of the Rocket German teachers. I know you mean to be kind but I'm tired of not getting replies from the Rocket German staff after someone else answers my questions. When someone else answers my question I'm always worried about whether or not the information is accurate or complete. If you want to add something more after they have answered my question that is 100 percent okay! Thanks for understanding!


"I've caught up with you!" is "Ich habe dich aufgeholt!" "I'm catching up!" is "Ich kann mit dir mithalten!"


ading somethin haha! you are welcom! >:P

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