Vorschlag v Antrag


Vorschlag and Antrag appear to have similar meanings - proposal or proposition so could you explain their different uses?
In the course Antrag was used for a marriage proposal and Vorschag was a proposal by the government.

Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Hi Simon,

The first definition of Vorschlag is "proposal" or "suggestion", as in:

Ich mache dir einen Vorschlag.
I have a suggestion for you. / I'm making a suggestion to you.
Hast du einen besseren Vorschlag?
Do you have a better suggestion?

Vorschlag can also be used to translate "agreement" or "compromise" in the saying einen Vroschlag zur Güte machen:

Ich mache dir einen Vorschlag zur Güte.
I offer you an agreement, a compromise.

Antrag can also be preceded by machen, as in:
Ich mache dir einen Antrag.

But in this case, you're making a specific offer: a marriage proposal!

Antrag can then be used to translate "request form":

Sie müssen den Antrag ausfüllen.
You have to fill out the request form.

Hope this helps!



Thank you for the explanation, i wonder if the meanings come from tragen and schlagen.

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