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Warum gehst du nicht ans Telefon


I just saw this sentence which means “Why are you not answering the phone”.
Is this a common way to write this?
Personally, I would write “Warum antwortest du nicht dein Telefon”.


Hallo RexV,

In German, the natural phrasing for "to answer the phone" is ans Telefon gehen and not "dein Telefon antworten" - even though it sounds weird when you translate it back to English.

When learning a new language, it's important to remember that different languages have different natural phrases that don't translate straight across. You should be cautious of going with what you feel sounds the most natural when you're first starting out with a language, because the natural feeling probably isn't coming from the language you're learning - it's coming from the language that you already speak.

Don't be discouraged, though: with practice, you will eventually start to develop those native instincts in the language that you're learning! It may just take some time.




Hi Lisa,

Thank you very much for your answer.

So to tell someone to answer your phone would be:

Sie müssen ans Telefon gehen (formal)
Du musstest ans Telefon gehen (informal)


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