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Just wondering if anyone knows of any popular English series that are dubbed in Hindi on Netflix, or a place to find Hindi audiobooks? I've been watching a lot of Bollywood movies to practice, which has been fun, but I think it'd be more helpful to watch something in Hindi that I've already seen in English. Thanks!


Hi Kristina,

Thats an excellent question. Watching movies is a wonderful way of immersing yourself in the culture, while also helping you practise your language skills.

You can try searching for a dubbed version of your favourite movies or cartoons on youtube.  It is quite common to find Swat Kats, Captain Planet, Doraemon and other such cartoons in Hindi on youtube. Similarly you can also find a lot of standup comedy which uses a mixture of Hindi and English. This way it will be easier to follow what's happening. 

With regards to audio books, you could search on if they have any audio books in Hindi. They do operate in the Indian market, so they might have a few titles.

Please let me know in case you have any more questions.

Warm Regards

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