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Subtitles in Hindi


Namaskar Does anybody know where to find hindi movies to watch online with hindi subtitles? or just find hindi subs to add them then to a film? thanks


Namaste Natali, Go to You Tube and search for 'Indian movies with English substitle' and click on one of the results. Make sure you turn the caption on. Here is one of the link from my search. Have fun watching Indian movies. I personaly have learned a lot from watching Indian movies. Shubh din!


I tried this link but it no longer exists. Any others that you know of?


Hi Natali, Here is a link you can try. Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham 720p Bluray (with English Subtitles)


there are various sites which offer english subtitles for bollywood movies: these should have the subtitles for the movies that you seek, if not, let me know the name of the movie and i shall check for it.


try this

Gaurav (Rocket Hindi Tutor) has some good quality Hindi movies with subtitles.

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