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Could someone explain the Hindi tenses to me (past, present, future... what they are and how they work)? 
Thank you.
Deven--3    देवन--३

Deven--3 देवन--३

Hi Ella,

Try looking in the language and culture lessons in module 4, mainly lessons 4.5, 4.6, and 4.7.

Hope this helps!



Will do, thanks!


I am confused about Module 4, 4.5, present tense. It says that, "Mai pita hu" means "I am drinking"(male)," tuma pītē hō" means "you are drinking"(male), etc. I thought these phrases meant, "He drinks" and "you drink" and that "Mai pi raha hu" was "I am drinking" and "tuma pi rahe ho" meant "You are drinking." Can someone clarify this please? Thanks.
Sudhanshu - Rocket Languages Tutor

Sudhanshu - Rocket Languages Tutor

You are right.  Please find below correct meaning in all these cases.

मैं पीता हूँ - maĩ pītā hū̃  -- ‘I drink’ ( male)
मैं पीती हूँ  - maĩ pītī hū̃  --‘I drink’ (female)
तुम पीते हो  - tum pītē hō  --  ‘You drink’ ( male)
तुम पीती हो – tum pītī hō  --  ‘You drink’ (female)
आप पीते हैं – aap  pītē haĩ  --  ‘You drink’ ( male polite/formal)
(aāp NOT āpa)
हम पीते हैं - hum pītē haĩ  -- ‘We drink’ ( only male or male and female combined)
(hum NOT hama)
वे पीते हैं - vē pītē haĩ  --  “They drink’ ( only male or male and female combined)
वह पीता है - vaha pītā hai –‘He drinks’ (male)
वह पीती है - vaha pītī hai  - She drinks’ (female)


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