Karana aur karvana



What's the difference between karana and karvana. कराना और करवाना मे क्या फर्क है


Hello there,

Thats an excellent question!

There are three words here that you need to know about to clear this confusion.

1. The word ​करना (karana) means to do (something). This is usually used in a first person context to indicate an action by myself. For example, मैं काम करना चाहता हूँ ।  (maĩ kāma karnā chāhatā hu.) "I wish to work."
2. The word कराना (karāna) means to get something done. This is used to indicate that you got work done by someone. It indicates that someone acted on your orders/instructions. This word is used if you wish to refer to someone informally, particularly if they are younger than you. For example, मैने उससे काम कराया। "Maine usase kāma karāyā"  (I got my work done (by him/her))

3. The word करवाना (karavānā) means the same as the word कराना (karāna). However, this is used primarily in formal situations, if you wish to refer to someone respectfully. Note how the previous example changes here:
मैने उनसे काम करवाया। ("Maine usase kāma karvāyā") I got my house work done by him/her (formal). Note that the word उनसे  is the formal equivalent of the word उससे (usase) (which is informal)

I am happy to help in case you need more clarity on this.


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