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Word Choice: "Sahith" or "Vaali"



How do you decide when to use "sahith" or "vaali," which, according to my understanding, both mean "with?"


Hi Karina, I am familiar with ke sath. With is a postprosition in Hindi. X के साथ = with X तुम्हारे साथ(tumhare sath = with you (familiar). तुम्हारे (तुम + के = तुम्हारे) मैं + के = मेरे- मेरे साथ (mere sath)= with me. Namaste!
Deven--3    देवन--३

Deven--3 देवन--३

Yes, if you travel to India, people will be using के साथ for with. 'Sahith' is hardly ever used.

Recently I was just in Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. I didn't hear people using 'Sahith' or 'Vaali' at all. I only hear people using के साथ, so I think it would be safer to use that.

Sudhanshu - Rocket Languages Tutor

Sudhanshu - Rocket Languages Tutor

Hindi is my mother tongue and I have never heard "sahith" in Hindi 
I feel "sahith" should be actually 'sath' साथ which is 'with' 
'vaali' वाली is  about something.
ये वाली किताब - This particular book.
लाल वाली कमीज़ - It is about a shirt which is red in colour.



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