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I cannot find any public Hindi flash cards, and don't know how to make my own. 
When I started on this site a couple of years ago I was using Safari and found it quite hard to navigate  but now I use Chrome and I also think the navigation on the site has improved but I still can't work out how to make my own cards or access any public Hindi ones; maybe there aren't any?

Any advice appreciated



Hello Chrissy,
I suggest you contact support with this issue. They would be able to assist you. Yes, Chrome should be the browser you should use. 
Best regards


Hi Chrissy, 

Our apologies for the late reply. In your Flashcards area you should see "Create Custom Set", as well as "Browse public flashcards" near the top of the page. 

To create your own flashcard set, click on "Create Custom Set". If you want to browse other learners' public sets, click on "Browse public flashcards" - you should see about 7 public sets displaying at the moment. 

If you are not seeing these options, or need further help, please email us (along with a screenshot of what you are seeing), at [email protected]

I hope this helps!


Hi There,

This is a very clunky way of creating flash cards. 

Is it possible to view the custom set on my mobile device? I can't see how to use flashcards on my mobile.





Hi Akashamitra,

Thanks for your question!

Unfortunately, it's not currently possible to view flashcards on the app. They are only accessible via the desktop version of the course at the moment. 

However, I may have a tip that can help making flaschards a little easier: it's possible to create a custom flashcard set automatically from your existing Saved Vocab list. You can do this by visiting the Custom Flashcards tool and clicking on "Create a custom set." From there, you can choose either "Bulk import" or "Import from vocab" to quickly and easily build a flashcard set. 

I hope that this is helpful!

Kind regards,


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