Abitudini italiane ...


Hello everybody, did you know that... After a meal Italians will never drink a cappuccino or a latte for example The perfect end of a meal is a good espresso ! We drink espresso in different times of the day and you don't need to sit down to have one. Most of the Italians grab a coffee "al balcone" (standing up) to get ready for the day or while having a chat with someone. During the meals, we only drink water or alcoholic drink. No juices or milk while eating.


I think it is OK to have an 'orzo' espresso at the end of a meal if you don't want caffeine...


What no Grappa!? :)


Oh Raymond,

you have the best option on the table.
Grappa is a perfect way to end a meal... it may be not recommend it if you are going to work afterwards :)
Please keep in mind that "grappa" is not a product that Italians drink all over the country.
It's mainly producted and consumed in the north.
It is served at room temperature or chilled in small glasses asit aids digestion.
You need to tast in small sips.
You can add to espresso to make a "Caffè Corretto" .

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