allergy--what to say?


I will be visiting Italy in a few weeks. I am allergic to wheat and may need the wait staff to help me choose what to order when eating out. Is there a simple sentence or two that I could say that would be polite?


Hi Kathleen, in Italian "I'm allergic to wheat" it's translated "Sono allergica al frumento/grano". If you are in a restaurant and you need to order you will need to say: "che piatti avete che non contengono frumento/grano?" (what dished have you got which don't contains wheat?") I hope this helps. buon viaggio :)


I have it even worse. I love meat, cheese and chocolate. But I have terrible reactions to milk fat and don't do well with foods cooked in excessive oil. I stay away from red meat, and prefer to eat low-fat proteins like chicken breasts and seafood. How do I ask for dishes with no dairy products and reduced oil while traveling in Italy?


As it has been 10 days since my original post I would like to amend it to get more specific survival language so that I can avoid getting very sick on my upcoming trip to Italy in 2 weeks. I would like to know how to say: low fat soy milk non-dairy products light on oil steamed, baked or grilled not fried poached eggs vegan foods Could you prepare this dish without dairy products and light on the oil?


Ciao Stuart here below the words/sentences you will need: dishes with no dairy products = piatti senza latticini Sorry but I don't know what's reduced oil. foods cooked in excessive oil = cibi cotti in troppo olio. low fat food = cibo a basso contenuto di grassi soy milk = latte di soia non-dairy products = prodotti non caseari (or senza latticini) light on oil = not too much oil = non troppo olio steamed = al vapore baked =al forno grilled = alla griglia not fried = non fritto poached eggs = Italian don't eat eggs in the morning but we have a translation = uova in camicia (if you say in English it's probably better ) vegan foods = cibo vegano Could you prepare this dish without dairy products and light on the oil? =potrebbe preparare questo piatto senza latticini e con poco olio? (literally " without dairy products and a little bit of oil?) I hope this helps. Buone vacanze !!!!! ciao


If you are celiac, you can let your waiter know "senza glutine."  Italy is actually great for those who can't eat wheat.


Oh, somehow I feel good to know that not only me have a such problem with food...I love Italy, but I really had difficulty last time I was there and  I couldn't say NO when I was invited to, I tryid delitious " piatti" and become problem after.. Now I know better what to say. Thank You!

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