I want to knw a but Italian culture and language


Do you want to know 'what is the word for 'but' in Italina? The answer is 'ma' Example from the lession: Ma liberaci dal male But deliver us from evil Religion


Ciao a tutti, "But" in Italian can be also translated as "pero'". It depends on the sentence. Ciao


So when and how frequently is "pero" used?


Hi JosephS60, 

You can use "però" in the same way you would use "ma". In fact, they are interchangeable.
Make sure it's with the accent, as in "però" and not "pero", since "pero" means "pear tree" :)

Let me know if you have more questions!


Grazie Caterina!
Love the pear tree fact; but in local dialogue, is ma used more frequently than peró?

And one other unrelated question, how might cucina romana be different from cucina italiano, from a culinary perspective?


Thanks for your additional questions.

"Ma" and "però" are both extremely common. I'd say that, perhaps, "ma" is used slightly more frequently. However,  there is no difference between them in terms of formality. 

...And it's almost lunchtime over here in Italy, I love your second question!

"Cucina romana" is typical from Rome (and nearby Rome), while "cucina italiana" is obviously the national one.
Several popular dishes belong to the cucina romana, such as "Pasta alla Carbonara", "Pasta Cacio e pepe" and "Pasta Amatriciana" (all delicious by the way). Cucina romana is very "casareccia" (home made) and traditional, and it features many cheeses (pecorino, for instance), as well as meat (lamb, tripe, ham etc.) and artichokes.

When we talk about "cucina italiana", the topic is very broad, focusing more on features such as quality ingredients, appearance and taste. It is based on healthy foods (related to the Mediterranean diet) as a whole rather than very specific recipes and ingredients.

From my personal point of view, Roman Cuisine is a faithful reflection of the concept of Italian Cuisine. 


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