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italian language schools

hi, my son is going to Italy, and he would like to study for a month in Rome. Does anybody know a good language school? There are many on the net, but I 'd like to see if any of you had a first hand experience. Grazie! Ibrahim

Ciao Ibrahim, two of my friends have been to Rome to study. They both went to a really good school called "Dante". Yes, after Dante, the Italian poet. The Dante society has a number of different language schools in Italy and overseas. They offer courses at different levels and I believe are very reasonable in price. The school in Rome is located in a very central part of the city and easily reached by public transport. Good luck for your son. Rocket Italian


Hi there, i have several friends who have been to EF Rome, as in EF International Language Schools. They have years of experience in the business since they have language schools around the world. The Rome school is very central plus their prices already include accommodation and meals, which makes your life very easy!! they also offered them accommodation at students flats, but they stayed at a host family and they had a very pleasant time, cos they also learned about the culture. The website is and in there you can choose the destination, and length of course. Even if you want to prepare for an official exam or do an internship!!! One of my friends got a part time internship cos he had intermediate level alreadfy. They have offices all over the world so you can just pop into their office and talk to someone face to face!! Good luck!


There is on-line tutoring to bring you up to speed on your conversation skills. It really compliments your rocket language course. I have been taking tutoring 3 times a week via skype on the internet in conjunction with this course and it has worked wonders. I've tried various tutors , as some will give you the first lesson free to evaluate where your comprehension of the language is. The great thing about it is the tutoring is very inexpensive (half the price of a tutor state side) and your talking to a native Italian speaker in Italy that speaks english well. The best thing about it is the call is free via the internet and the program is free to download.The tutor that I've been using email address is [email protected] She is very patient and kind to say the least. Check her free trial lesson out!

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