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I have heard the Italian post office can be less than efficient.  We were told to mail from the Vatican Post office.  How would you ask for a postage stamp that would get the card to America?
Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor

Hi David,

Stamp prices depend on weight and price zones. Since America is a price zone no.2, the basic stamp costs 2.30 euro (provided that the letter weights less than 20 grams).

Here you can see the prices table: (the second table)

The basic price for America (still zone no.2) at Poste Italiane is 10 cents less, 2.20 euro. I don't like to bite the hand that feeds me, but it's true that the national mail service is somewhat inefficient. I received only yesterday a parcel that was shipped on October 18th from Norway...

You can ask "Mi può dare un francobollo base per l'America?" (Could you give me a basic stamp for America?)., or "Mi può dare un francobollo da due euro e trenta?" (Could you give me a 2,30 euro stamp?).

Hope this helps!



Grazie Lucia,
                               Good to know.  I will keep it in mind when I go...Hopefully sooner than later...

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